The ArcRest Shoulder Rest

Bridge the gap to better sound and comfort with the innovative ArcRest shoulder pad system.

Created by violinists Tigran Vardanyan and Aaron Bailey, the ArcRest simply fills the space between shoulder and instrument, thereby allowing optimal freedom of movement. Already embraced by professional violinists, the ArcRest may be the perfect rest for you! 

  • Allows the player to hold the instrument more naturally, with better posture
  • The position of the ArcRest on the fiddle is infinitely adjustable 
  • Enables the player to move the violin freely while playing
  • Designed to have minimal contact with your instrument-- you are likely notice decreased damping and better resonance compared to traditional shoulder rests
  • Interchangeable pads are offered in various heights to accommodate players of all sizes and shapes 
  • Will not scratch or damage varnish
  • Handmade in the USA