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  Jargar Jargar  


 J00X E NEW  J00X
New Jargar Superior Violin E String, steel 
updated image coming soon
  add $6.50  
 J100 E Jargar Violin E 
med loop   med ball   forte loop   forte ball  
  add $6.15  
 J101 A Jargar Violin A String 
Medium   forte  
  add $11.25  
 J102 D Jargar Violin D String 
Medium   Forte  
  add $11.98  
 J103 G Jargar Violin G String 
Medium   Forte   Dolce  
  add $13.00  
 J203 G Jargar SG Violin String 
Medium only
  add $15.15  
 J104 Set J104
Jargar violin set, medium 
Plain steel E; flexible steel core A,D,G
Loop end E   Ball end E  
  add $37.00  
 J104X Set NEW  J104X
Jargar Superior Violin SEt 
New synthetic core strings from Jargar! Colorful, warm natural sound. Steel E, synthetic core A,D,G.
  add $76.71  


 J105 A Jargar viola A string 
loop end   ball end  
medium  forte  dolce 
  add $11.90  
 J106 D Jargar D Viola String 
Medium   forte  
  add $12.85  
 J107 G Jargar G Viola String 
  Medium only
  add $13.00  
 J207 G Jargar SG Viola String medium only    add $14.45  
 J108 C Jargar C Viola String 
Medium   Forte  
  add $16.40  
 J208 C Jargar SC Viola String medium only    add $16.40  


 J110 A J110
Jargar A Cello string  
medium   forte   dolce  
  add $22.00  
 J110J111 A J110J111
Jargar Cello A & D 
Includes one each A & D string
Medium   Forte   Dolce  
  add $42.00  
 J110S A J110S
Jargar Special A Cello string 
Thicker, more powerful
medium   forte   dolce  
  add $28.00  
 J110X A J110X
Jargar Cello Superior A string  
Chrome wound/solid steel core The newest string from Jargar has increased volume and power as well as warmth and brilliance; ideal for solo performing
Medium   Forte   Dolce  
  add $30.95  
 J111 D J111
Jargar D Cello String 
medium   forte   dolce  
  add $22.85  
 J111S D J111S
Jargar Cello Special D String 
Thicker; more powerful than classic D
Medium   Forte   Dolce  
  add $31.25  
 J111x D J111x
Jargar Superior Cello D, 
Chrome wound/solid steel core Greater sound, ideal for solo performing as well as orchestral playing.
medium   forte   dolce  
  add $35.25  
 J112 G Jargar G Cello String 
Medium   Forte  
  add $25.75  
 J113X G NEW  J113X
Jargar Superior Cello G 
Tungsten-chrome wound/rope wound
  add $68.75  
 J212 G Jargar Cello Silver Sound G 
medium   forte  
  add $34.85  
 J113 C Jargar C Cello String 
Medium   Forte  
  add $29.00  
 J114X C NEW  J114X
Jargar Superior Cello C 
Tungsten-chrome wound/rope core
  add $68.75  
 J213 C Jargar Cello Silver Sound C  
medium   forte  
  add $37.85  
CELLO SET: JARGAR A and D with Helicore G & C 
String tension may be specified at checkout in Special Instructions field
  add $120.85