Evah Pirazzi Gold violin set, Silver G

$ 125.06 $ 107.98


Evah Pirazzi Gold violin set, Silver G

$ 125.06 $ 107.98

Evah Gold strings offer great dynamic range and projection, excellent string response with a full-bodied golden tone and fast break-in time. The silver G brings brilliance to the set.

Modern synthetic core violin string set; Item 41509

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Great tone.

A. V.
Very well balanced, responsive set of strings with fine overtones.

In my opinion, these are definitely the best strings I have used for one one of my 4 violins in the 70+ years I have owned and played it. I may change out the E string for a Peter Infeld platinum Es string as I did for some previous years. They are very good on my other 3 violins but not without peer or superior challengers.

Sam B.
Great Strings, Great Price

Beautiful tone, clear tone with the Evah Pirazzi Gold's and Concord has the best prices and best service in the country. I recommend highly

Great strings for my violin

I ordered Evah Pirazzi gold G(silver), D, and A strings for my violin(1950 Italian) - I use Goldbrokat brassed E string. I was using Timbre from Warchal which I loved, but it was too costly and taking too long to receive from Europe with regular postal service. I also tried PI(too high tension), Passione(didn't stay in tune and too bright), Jargar(neutral, not enough character), and Il Canone(too harsh and the surface has too much texture to shift!) on the same violin. Strings didn't take that long to settle(less than two days to stay in tune and about a week for a better tone). They have a rich but clear tone. They sustained great quality of sound for 4 months, at least - I change my strings only twice a year, so this can be different from person to person. I think G strings can have a little more clarity in my opinion. I think Evah Pirazzi Gold is a great substitute for Timbre. Concord music shipping used to be magically fast(from NY to west Michigan), but it takes a few more days due to COVID. I don't complain about their shipping. Everyone is struggling with the delivery including USPS.

Gene W.
Fantastic set if your instrument works with it.

I much prefer this set to the standard Evah Pirazzi which I find too brittle sounding and high-tension for my violin. Obligato was nice, but I wanted something with a bit more punch. I strongly recommend this version of the set, with the Silver G. The Gold G has an interesting behavior where it has a slightly gut-like delay to the start of the sound. While the tone color is certainly fascinating, that delay makes it difficult to play next to the regular D string. I tried it for a week or two but it annoyed me too much and I went back to the standard Silver G. The only drawback is that upon degrading, they become very "crunchy" sounding, and it isn't really much of a smooth falloff either. Keep them on long enough and play them past the point of no return, and instead of just becoming indistinct and soft like other brands, these things can sound terrible.