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Great addition to Versum A & D strings

I have used the Versum A and D strings which I was very happy with. I put on the G and C strings and they really enhanced the total quality of the sound of my cello.

Just what I needed. Should have ordered two in case one is lost.

Best viola C string

I have been using the Spirocore Tungsten C string for decades now. Tried several others which never matched. Best C string for my CA Testore.

Nice strings

I tried these on my violin and while they are nice strings I thought they were a bit too edgy for my taste. I also tried the Original line of these strings and they were a bit more too edgy for my taste. I will say that it goes to show that everyone has different tastes and different instruments as well. I am not too sure if both the direct and focused and the original sets are worth the price.

Dominant A string

The string itself was fine I recommend that you be sure to change the surrounding strings though as the older strings do not correspond well with a new string

Stopping Peg slips on the spot!

Used Ardsley precision drops and it instantly solved pegs from slipping. One less headache to deal with.

Evoke Cello Set
Violeta A.
Great strings.

I loved the way my instrument sounded after using this strings. The medium tension definitely gave my hand a break from having a bit more tense strings. These are a great option for cheaper than other big brands such as Larsen or Thomastik.
They worked great on my instrument, and I think they are really worth the try.


Very powerful and rich resonance on G and D. So far, I'm enjoying the deeper sonority that the strings bring out in the violin.

Violin Set: Dominant with choice of E Reviews

My violin teacher recommended to purchase from the Concord and I am glad I did. The great service and I will order again from Concord.

Great new strings from Thomastik!

These new strings from Thomastik are fabulous! They project well on my 2015 violin without being too bright or too warm, especially the G string. They took an average amount of time to settle (about a week) and respond well to various colors. Another important note is that the E string has an easily removable ball.

Good consistent balanced tone

This is the 1st time I’ve used these strings, but have used its “brethren” Zyex & Helicore some years back. These string create a solid pleasing central resonance; they do not particularly try to emulate the “gut sound” or provide additional warmth & coloration as some other popular synthetic strings do. I’m considering this a “journeyman string set” really very nice for jazz and folk, not that a classical piece would suffer from it. I’m very pleased so far.

Great Strings, but expensive

Love the clarity and resonance. It works beautifuly on my Goffriller cello. I hope cello strings could come with more affordable prices. They are in gernerall much more expensive than strings for any other insturment.


I have to say that Jargar E strings are great, Red, Blue and this one. Really like the sound and the “meaty” texture!


It’s so personal when it comes down to E string in general, one of my friends totally loves it but for me and my violin it was okay. I still prefer Blue Jargar E string over Hill E string.

Very Warm strings

These strings are very warm sounding. They might sound dead on a weak sounding violin. My violin is loud with lots projection, so these strings give it lots of warmth. If you like strings like Infeld Reds, obligato, or Corelli Crystals, but want to avoid any playing issues or high tension, you should give these a look.

Great product, no longer looking for my pencil during practice.

Great string set!

I was playing on my new viola with the Dominant strings it came with. My instrument repair guy suggested I get Obligato strings. Your website suggested a Larsen A with Obligato D, G snd C. I took a chance and I’m so glad I did! My instrument sounds so much richer and fuller. I’m very happy with these strings.

Fabulous string

Pirazzi Gold are simply the best. I keep trying other strings and am initially impressed, but I always return to these. Best combination of clarity and quality, hard to beat.

Excellent quality, fast shipping! Thanks!

Life-changing honestly. This made my korfkerrest the perfect height.

Concord Music Supplies always delivers great quality materials. I like their competitive prices and their fast shipping. Been ordering my strings since 2004-5 maybe…

Fast, efficient, service at a good price.

We needed to replace a string on one of the violins in our house. The strings from Thomastik Violin Strings (Vision Violin set VI100) were highly recommended and we chose to order from Concord instead of purchasing from a local store after suggestions from a professional violinist. Price was cheaper than the local store and arrived earlier than expected. The strings were easy to swap out and they held their tuning remarkably well for being brand new strings. We will definitely order from Concord again.

GEWA cello humidifier

Have always had something like this for my cello...they used to be slightly different, and went under the name of "Dampit" . Since I use them steadily throughout the cold, dry winter, I really can't say how the instrument would be without them.. My luthier of many years ago advised to always use them in the winter. Works better for me than the humidifiers one attaches to the inside of the case and has a packet of "stuff" which absorbs water when soaked and then put in its case and attached to the inside of the instrument case. Some instrument cases do not have any place to attach these, so the GEWA works best.

great strings!

These are probably the best viola strings I've ever used. The rope core version has more clarity, focus, and quicker response time than the regular synthetic version.