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Awesome strings but expensive

These are awesome strings. They sound very full and warm and projection is quite nice too. They break in quite quickly too. The only bad thing is they are very pricey. I would definitely give them a higher recommendation if it weren't for the high price.

My personal choice

This is a popular string combo for many professional cellists, who now have many excellent choices. The traditional Spirocore on the lower strings have been around forever and are clear and responsive in orchestra and chamber music, which is where I make my living. The Versum Solo A and D project with nice clarity that doesn't lose the warmth and are a good fit with both my old English and contemporary cellos (both have a naturally "round" sound). I have also found all these strings to last longer than many other strings. Service from Concord Musical Supplies has been consistently swift and efficient.

Spirocore Tungsten C Review

The Spirocore Tungsten C string is a great string. It has great longevity, and speaks really well: great projection. It did take about three to four weeks to break in. I don't know if this is the case for everyone else since I am not a professional and am not always consistent with my practicing.

Wonderful string

Well, I think these strings don’t need an introduction 😂 wonderful G and the rest of the set.

Everything is as advertised

I recently bought an entire set of strings for an upcoming solo performance with orchestra. The Il Cannone C string was everything described about it. The sound is rich and deep. The G string I bought was the more direct powerful sound with a little less depth. Even though an acquired sound, I have really grown to love it-such a powerful sound and perfect for soloing with orchestra. I am really considering changing my C string to this model. For those unsure about the the Il Cannone strings, set your mind at ease. They are really great strings.

Good. As described

Good. As described

Superb Quality

Love this string, great quality for the price, awesome value. Concord has very quick shipping and will be my number 1 choice for music supplies!

Such a relief!

I received what I had ordered quickly , the price was right and shipping was fast . I was informed at each step along the way so there was no guessing or anxiety

Excellent quality strings

Both of my violas sound and play well with Obligato strings. Currently my go to set is Obligato C, G, and D with a Warchal Amber metal A. On my 1999 Samuel Shen "widebody" viola, I use medium tension for all. On my K. Mroz, 1991 medium for C and G, forte for the D (and medium for the A).

The only thing I don't like about Obligatos is the price.

Like it

This is the shoulder pad that works for me.

A fine all purpose string!

These strings are brand new to me but they are excellent strings. They have a very broad and full bodied sound with very nice projection. The price is also very affordable for a set that is quite powerful. I would put these up against Evah Pirazzi or Evah Golds. The fullness reminds me of Evah Golds and the power they have reminds me of Evah Pirazzi. If you like Evah Pirazzi or Evah Golds but can't afford them this would be a good alternatice.

Vision Solo

Rich, warm, clear sound. Great on my antique violin.

best for me

unobtrusive, comfortable, allows flexibility and also some holding leverage

Great strings for the Viola

These are great viola strings. This was my first time trying these and sound wise they are warm and lively. They are also soft on the fingers as well. I will be buying another set soon as I recently got some adjustments done to my viola so I will see how they do with the new set up. I would recommend these for a good budget viola set

Great strings

I love the warm sound these string produce, so beautiful!

Olive C String

This C string has clarity resonance and focus without losing the quality that comes from the olive label.

Great Service

Same great service that I've gotten before from Concord Musical Supplies.

poor strings

I tried this set on my Viola and the C string broke twice in the pegbox. Plus, they felt very hard on my fingers. I don't know if it is the strings or the way my viola is set up but I won't be using this set again for quite a while. I will stick with the Tonica viola strings.

Always happy to do buisness with concordmusic.

I’ve made purchases with concord music for many years and am always pleased with pricing and quality.

My favorite wound gut A violin string

I think this is an excellent wound gut A-string. During the Fall, Winter, and Spring, I use a plain gut A-string on my Guadagnini and Vuillaume, but in very humid climates during the Summer months I use the Pirastro Eudoxa A-string, which is the best out of the Eudoxa strings in my opinion. The Eudoxa G and D are inferior however to the Pirastro Oliv (wound gut) strings which are far better. But the Eudoxa A, is a much more stable string than the Oliv A!

Play well together as a set

My luthier grinned when he saw Rondos on my cello and implied that I had fallen for "expensive new string" hype. I grinned back and said "yes but these are worth it". I think they are very well balanced and save me from messing around with mixing brands.

Very well balanced, responsive set of strings with fine overtones.

In my opinion, these are definitely the best strings I have used for one one of my 4 violins in the 70+ years I have owned and played it. I may change out the E string for a Peter Infeld platinum Es string as I did for some previous years. They are very good on my other 3 violins but not without peer or superior challengers.

Excellent tailpiece

Excellent tailpiece; i'm a pro but i still love having tuners on each string ;o) And thank you for delivering orders so fast. Greatly appreciated blessing!

Has always been a great string for my cello.

Has always been a great string for my cello.


Jargar makes one of the best sets of violin strings "as is". When I use Jargar I don't have to find "a better E", or "a better A" , etc. The sound is balanced, full, and dark right out of the packaging with little to no break in time. As for playability, there are never surprises with Jargar. Some synthetics may offer more complex tones and over tones, buth those variables don;t always work to a performer's advantage. As a fiddler who plays a lot of shows in various conditions and situations, Jargar is my most trusted friend.