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The Classic!

Always solid performer. I stand by the original.

I can finally bend my thumb!

I can finally bend my thumb and it no longer hurts! It's thin and light, but it does add a little weight, which may offset the balance, but I can deal with that. It's rubber, so I don't feel like I'll drop my bow either.

I think these are likely the best available. Incredibly smooth...

The Perpetual cello A string Medium, was a perfect match for my cello. Timbre description: warm in 1st octv. opens up in tne thumb position. Really matches with my Jargar D and Larsen Tungsten G.
Check it out

This cello d string is good over all
However, I prefer a smaller diameter d string on my Becker cello
The Versum solo d is great string for my instrument,yet it does not last very long…. Goes false fairly uickly
I wish the Rondo d came in a slightly lighter gauge like the a string
I am still questing after the ideal d string for my cello

Pops Bass Rosin
Meghan M.

Great reliable bass rosin

Great sound, fast to settle after putting them on.

I find the Obligato D to be the best for my instrument in terms of warmth, projection, and ease of response.
Too bad I didn't know about them sooner... the story of my life:)

Superb, well balanced string.

Clarity, richness, feels good for the left hand, both bright and dark, not overly neutral but also not colored in a contrived way like Pirazzi Gold. The Larsen A blends beautifully with this set. Very quick and responsive but I feel I can shape the sound easily as well.

Best Chin rest cover!

Loved this chin rest cover for over 10 years!

This is the A string tuner for viola I've been waiting for!

I don't know why I waited this long to get this tuner for my viola, but it is worth every cent. The ease of string installation, the security at the end, and the smooth turning mechanism and precise adjustment are second to none.

A fine all purpose string!

These are another great string. I would put these up against the Rondo's or Dominant Pro's. They are maybe slightly warmer in sound compared to Rondo's but still have great projection. If you like Rondo's but don't want to bust the bank for them I would give these a try. They are a bit on the high side price wise but cheaper compared to Rondo's.

Works great!

I got the 9 gram suppressor, and it has done wonders. It does take a bit of getting used to in terms of putting it on, but once it's on, it's easy to adjust. I do believe the 9 gram is the most popular option, so if you have a strong wolf, this will do it. I will admit, it's not the perfect solution, but it doesn't move around like the button suppressors.

I tried these strings with my new bow and they fdo have a nice and warm sound but they are a bit too loose and not the most responsive. I guess these are a set that you get what you paid for considering the cheap price.

I love how on my bright instrument this G string gives a certain darkness but still projects. Not crazy overtones like on more dominant strings (see what I did there?) but nice meaty tone at least for my particular violin. Pitch is very stable.

Perfection from Jargar Superior Violin Strings

Like many musicians I've gotten stuck using the same strings, over and over again. I heard a colleague talking about putting the Jargar Superior set on a violin she was trying...and she was amazed at how the strings transformed an already very serious violin to a magnificent violin. I immediately ordered a set for my violin and I felt the same thing. Suddenly more open, warmer as well as brighter in upper registers, more responsive. These are my strings now!!!!

Me gusta mucho

Ed mi favorita cuerda “C” la he usado hace muchos años.

Best humidifier yet!

Have used Oasis for several years but they crack and leak. Have had to replace 3 times and even Guitar Case Plus Oasis struggles to keep up in WI. Ordered the Stretto larger size (Colore) and it is phenomenal!! Finally a product that works to keep my mandolin properly humidified!


This is usually my favorite D.

As others have written, warm, superior tone, great response, fast break-in.

However, a couple of times I've gotten strings that don't quite perform as well as others. This last set I got is markedly flat and brash, not the sound I've come to expect from PI. These strings are expensive enough that ordering multiples to get one that sounds right is not really an option.

Excellent D String

Superb, bright, wonderful, textured strings. The D string stands out as one of the best I've ever used. As we cellists know, the D string can be a tough string to make sing. Versum Solo does the trick, and more. Both strings are punchy, with beautiful core sound, and especially easy to play. As a cellist who always enjoyed pirastro strings more, this is a welcome change.

Larsen A disappoints

This string has no luster. I’ve used Larsen for years. This must’ve been a lemon. An expensive lemon.

Nice strings

The Tonica Strings are one of Pirastro’s Answers to Dominants. They have a sound that is somewhat warmer and smoother with a bit more clarity than the Dominants I have found that every bow stroke is made possible with these strings. These strings are a very good substitute for the Dominant strings. The only bad thing about the Tonicas is that they are a bit stretchy and take at least 2 or 3 days to stabilize. They also require a bit more tuning than other strings. The Wound E string is a little slow to respond than the plain steel one. The Hill E and the Pirastro Universal E are a good match for this set also. Bow Response is pretty Neutral compared to Vision Solo and most others but they are still fairly quick to respond. They can sing nicely too but don't expect them to be the loudest string by no means

Speaks well

This C string speaks very well for a shorter length cello. Very happy with it!

One of my favorite C strings

The Passione G and C have become my preferred choice for lower strings. Their sound quality and projection are a perfect combination with steel strings of your choice for A and D or even other gut strings. A gold label, D Oliv and C and G Passione is my current set up.