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A big improvement

I was really feeling very unhappy with my cello, but didn't know the problem. I got it checked out and had my bow rehaired, but I was still not happy. So, I decided to try some new rosin. This really helped. I'm still not 100% happy with my cello (it might need a new bridge), but the rosin made a nice difference.

Great string

Nice sound ,holds up to tention without banding the pitch

Jargar Superior

These are fantastic. I am using these on my Amati. They are really great for older instruments. I highly recommend them.

Fantastic String

I hesitated to spend $85 for a string, but this is worth every penny. Next time I'll get one gauge thicker (I got the 16, I'll go to 16 1/2. Try it, you won't regret it.

an excellent accessory

This is the finest quality fine tuner available. The others are more common but do not perform as well. To me it is absolutely worth a little more money.

Amber Viola Set
Darrell M.
Warchal Amber Viola

I love the way these sound on my viola. They have a warm, rich sound, and their lower tension makes for easier fingering. I have the steel A, and it works well on my instrument. They played in very quickly and have settled nicely. I use a Spector mute and the pretty windings have held up well so far. I've only played these for a few weeks, so I can't speak to longevity.
Concord has a very competitive price on these, and they're always great to deal with.

will help the thumb

always on the lookout for a better mousetrap, I tried this. It does relax the thumb, but's a bit bulky and heavy, so I think it's best for discovery purposes, then return to a revised grip. I found the Stringvision more useful.

The best quality

Passione by far my favorite strings. First of all, it makes very worm sound without loosing the power. Secondly, these gut strings are very friendly for tuning. It doesn't stretch for weeks like other gut strings.

Love these strings

These strings are the best that I have found. They produce a fabulous sound, big and refined, and are very easy to play on. Pricy but worth it.

Good strings

These are good strings if you like a lower tension. I found these to be on the warmer side but yet still a nice amount of projection. My bow tended to be a little more bouncy on these strings, but overall I recommend these strings.

Great sound, soft touch

I love these strings. I previously used magnacore medium and strong, and the softness and response of the Arioso is better and I don’t miss any of the projection. I’m able to loosen my bow hair which takes some edge off the sound

Like Dominants, but with more complexity

These are really nice strings. They are low tension, like Dominants, and share some of the directness of the tone of Dominants, but with more richness. I have the set with the synthetic A. I've tried many strings ... Dominants, Obligatos, Kaplan, Jagar, Corelli, Helicore, Zyex, Spirocore. I like these best.

works great!

I bought the extra long version of these and they serve the purpose very well. They are for the everest brand shoulder rest either foldable or the original. They give you a good bit more wiggle room for adjusting the height of your shoulder rest. I would strongly recommend the extra long feet to anyone who does not like the original height for this shoulder rest.

A better alternative? Many violinists don't know this exists

This chromesteel wound on synthetic A string has a smaller diameter than the standard Obligato A. I prefer my higher-pitched strings to have a smaller diameter than the lower ones. This is a function of the density of the winding material. Aluminum alloys are less dense than silver alloys and chromesteel. Aluminum strings are frequently larger than the next lower string, for example, aluminum-wound D strings are usually as large or larger than silver-wound G strings and the standard aluminum Obligato A is as large or larger than the D string.

Smaller strings at the same pitch and tension also generally speak faster. I suspect that this might be due to differences in interaction with the bow hair.

On my violin, this string produces a mellow yet powerful and penetrating sound and makes for a smoother transition between the G and D strings and the E string. (This is the reason many Eastern European violinists use a steel-core A string instead of gut or synthetic.) This A string also speaks faster and more clearly when playing in third to fifth position, whereas the standard string was a bit fuzzy in its feel while playing and its sound.

The chromesteel windings are definitely more resistant to corrosion than aluminum alloys and if you corrode strings this is one to try. This corrosion issue is the reason I have sought out silver D strings in the past. As far as I know, this is the only synthetic core A string that is NOT wound with an aluminum alloy.

Try it you'll probably like it, and maybe your violin will like it, too.

Solea violin strings

These strings are nice, full and rich sounding. I especially like their quick and easy response. It is necessary to avoid too much bow pressure with them as they can easily sound choked.

The Best C String Yet!

This review is regarding the 'Soloist' version of the several types of Perpetual C strings available. Previously, I had been using the 'Edition' version for about 2 years and found them to be
fantastic. However, the 'Edition' set has a problematic A string, at least for my cello. This set solves every problem I can think of, from powerful and warm projection to excellent response on all four strings. The A I am using, though, is the 'Stark', and it is quite the finest A string I have ever used. In short, these strings are the very best yet!

Nice and strong but slow response

Last time I bought the magacore 'medium' and this time I decided to try out the 'strong' version and the g and c strings have been quite slow in their response. The strings are well played in (3 weeks of 4ish hrs/day) and yet the response on the bottom is slow. I think I'll order another set of the mediums and save these as a back-up set. The sound is beautiful, as usual with larson strings.

Nyckelharpa strings

Excellent strings. Excellent service. I build Nyckelharpas and having access to these strings is very important to me. Thank you for great product and excellent service.

Great strings and service

I have ordered supplies for my violin from Concord for several years after getting a recommendation from my music teacher. I have always been satisfied with the quality of my strings and the customer service. Can’t be beat!


Great strings, quick delivery, and excellent price. Thank you!

Versum solo C string

I really like this C string. It is smooth and responsive and sounds powerful. It brings out the best in my cello. It is perfectly matched with the other Versum solo cello strings as a set. I couldn’t be happier!

Dead sounnding on my instrument

I tried these strings on my instrument which is not an older antique and they were pretty much dead sounding. Very little projection and volume. If you are lookingf to make your instrument sound way much darker these are worth a look.

Concord is always fast and reliable.

Good Purchase

Comfortable and does not muffle.

The best yet for my cello

I’ve always favored the Pirastro line, and these, to me, are superb. Although close in price to the Evah Golds, the difference in sound and timbre is very much worth the slight increase. They sound as wonderful on my 1919 French cello as they do on my only a year old 1750 Carcassi copy. I am very very happy with the sound and the ease of playing…great depth, warmth, and clarity.