Discontinued Strings-Pirastro

The following strings have been discontinued:

  • Aricore Viola Strings
  • Aricore Cello Strings
  • Chromcor Bass Strings
  • Eudoxa-Aricore Viola A Strings
  • Gold (formerly known as Gold-Label) gut Viola Strings
  • Obligato Stark & Weich gauge violin strings
  • Synoxa Viola Strings
  • Synoxa Cello Strings
  • Tonica Stark & Weich gauge violin strings
While some stock remains, the strings are quickly being acquired by longtime fans--please inquire for availability!

    Shoulder Rests: Because One Size and Shape Does Not Always Fit All.....

    New KPE Shoulder Rests for Violinists

    If you've been wishing for a different design in shoulder rests, the KPE Kapaier line of premium wood 900 models might just be for you! With the introduction of the S-shaped #910 and the Crescent-shaped #950, violinists have two new options that run high on comfort.  Both models feature European maple construction, high quality brass fittings, and a plush foam layer. Our tester gave the #950 a glowing review! Find them here: Kapaier Violin Shoulder Rests

    Pirastro Perpetual Cello Strings | Perpetual Soloist Cello Strings


    Perpetual cello strings are the most powerful of Pirastro's cello string line & we've been hearing rave reviews from our customers! Perpetual strings are a great option for cellists seeking a clear warm sound with robust projection. Want additional power and dynamic possibilities? Then check out Perpetual Soloist G and C strings--when combined with the medium A and D, the sound gains radiance, brilliance, volume and presence. Bonus: Perpetual cello strings have a fast play-in time! 

    New Thomastik Versum cello strings

    Great new strings for cellists

    Thomastik Versum cello strings have been impressing cellists ever since they were introduced in late 2015.  If you are still searching for your perfect setup, you might want to consider giving the entire set a try, as customers have been describing the strings as very well-matched, with pure and bright sounding A & D  and rich warm, powerful lower strings.  More here: Versum Cello Strings


    Have you tried the new Evah Pirazzi Gold strings?

    Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola Strings

    Favorable Reviews are coming in!

    The new Evah Pirazzi Gold strings have been hitting all the right notes with string players! Combining the warmth and depth of Obligato strings and the brilliance, power and projection of the  Evah Pirazzis, Evah Gold strings deliver a rich, full-bodied sound, a wide dynamic range,  very quick break-in period, and fantastic bow response.