Cecilia Viola Rosin

CECILIA Viola Rosin

In 2020, Cremona in America renamed Andrea rosin CECILIA, a tribute to the rosin-maker's beloved mother. Offerings include Solo, A Piacere, Sanctus & the new Signature Formula.

  • Cecilia Signature: designed for the most demanding players, helps the bow draw rich, full and expressive tones without excessive bite.
  • Cecilia Solo: powerful distinguished sound for the soloist. It enables maximized projection and clear bow articulation.
  • Cecilia A Piacere: the Tartini Green formulation, provides effortless bow control, even sound production and that unique quality that string players loved with the original rosin.
  • Cecilia Sanctus: two rosin formulation in one cake to achieve a perfectly balanced sound and articulation
  • Cecilia Stellare: special formula created for students playing smaller-size instruments, integrated flashing LED lights make rosining more fun!