3D Sound mutes are carefully designed to reduce the volume while maintaining the unique character & tonal quality of your instrument. Available in an array of jewel-tone colors in 3 designs: single hole "Viol" & 2-hole "Disc"are updated models inspired by traditional Tourte-style mutes; and the unique Dual-Tone mute that allows 2 levels of muting volume; made in the USA by Viowiess.
AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rests gives the player a secure grip without discomfort and rigidity. Product line is available is several models & height to suit your personal preferences.
  • No clamps that mute the violin’s sound.
  • The AcoustaGrip sticks without glue or clamps with no damage to the varnish, edges or back of your violin or viola.
  • Protects your chin, neck and collarbone from sores and marks and prevents restrictive movement of rigid, vice-gripping traditional shoulder rests.
  • All 3 Adult Size AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rests (Concert Performer, Solo Artist & Concert Performer Thick) fit full 4/4, ¾ and most ½ size violins and violas.
The new synthetic core Warchal Amber Cello Strings offer the energetic projection of metal strings with the warm full sound of gut strings.Handmade in Slovakia by Warchal Strings.
Warchal Amber violin strings provide a rich gut-like sound along with the tuning stability of synthetic core strings  
Larsen Aurora Cello Strings offer Larsen quality and consistency at an affordable entry point. The sound is smoothly brilliant without metallic overtones. Aurora represent great value without compromise.
Larsen Aurora Violin Strings-designed for talented players looking for a warm versatile string at a budget-friendly price!

Bam is a leading manufacturer of high-quality violin cases offering a wide range of models that are lightweight, protective and durable.  From the fabric-covered Classic line to sleek hard-shell Hightech cases, there is a Bam case to suit your style!

The model you want not listed here? Please contact us for additional Bam cases

Bobelock is a well established case manufacturer known for their durable and reliable violin cases.  Using high-quality materials, Bobelock offers shaped, arrow and oblong cases as well as a range of specialty cases in a variety of color and material options.

CECILIA Cello Rosin

A New Era of Cremona in America! In 2020, Cremona in America's founder renames Andrea rosin CECILIA, in honor of his mother. The high quality line of rosin includes Sanctus, A Piacere, Solo, and the new Signature Formula.

  • Cecilia Signature : designed for the most demanding players, helps the bow draw rich, full and expressive tones without excessive bite.
  • Cecilia Solo: powerful distinguished sound for the soloist. It enables maximized projection and clear bow articulation.
  • Cecilia A Piacere: the Tartini Green formulation, provides effortless bow control, even sound production and that unique quality that string players loved with the original rosin.
  • Cecilia Sanctus: two rosin formulation in one cake to achieve a perfectly balanced sound and articulation
  • Cecilia Stellare: special formula created for students playing smaller-size instruments, integrated flashing LED lights make rosining more fun!

Cecilia Rosin

Andrea Rosin is now CECILIA ROSIN. The same trusted rosin formulas are now presented in newly designed packaging. The Signature Formula is the newest addition to this premium rosin collection. Cecilia rosins are crafted by hand in the USA.

CECILIA Viola Rosin

In 2020, Cremona in America renamed Andrea rosin CECILIA, a tribute to the rosin-maker's beloved mother. Offerings include Solo, A Piacere, Sanctus & the new Signature Formula.

  • Cecilia Signature: designed for the most demanding players, helps the bow draw rich, full and expressive tones without excessive bite.
  • Cecilia Solo: powerful distinguished sound for the soloist. It enables maximized projection and clear bow articulation.
  • Cecilia A Piacere: the Tartini Green formulation, provides effortless bow control, even sound production and that unique quality that string players loved with the original rosin.
  • Cecilia Sanctus: two rosin formulation in one cake to achieve a perfectly balanced sound and articulation
  • Cecilia Stellare: special formula created for students playing smaller-size instruments, integrated flashing LED lights make rosining more fun!

CECILIA Violin Rosin

A New Era of Cremona in America! In 2020, Cremona in America's founder renames Andrea rosin CECILIA, in honor of his mother. The high quality line of rosin includes Sanctus, A Piacere, Solo, and the new Signature Formula.

  • Cecilia Signature: designed for the most demanding players, helps the bow draw rich, full and expressive tones without excessive bite.
  • Cecilia Solo: powerful distinguished sound for the soloist. It enables maximized projection and clear bow articulation.
  • Cecilia A Piacere: the Tartini Green formulation, provides effortless bow control, even sound production and that unique quality that string players loved with the original rosin.
  • Cecilia Sanctus: two rosin formulation in one cake to achieve a perfectly balanced sound and articulation
  • Cecilia Stellare: special formula created for students playing smaller-size instruments, integrated flashing LED lights make rosining more fun!
Our cello collection features low prices on Pirastro,Thomastik. Larsen strings and more! For our full catalog, including cello strings. rosin, cases and accessories, use the menu bar located on the top of every page
Accessories & replacement parts for cello cases
Cello tailpiece adjusters, also known as "tailguts" anchor the tailpiece to the instrument. Traditionally made from gut, modern models feature hard synthetic materials such as composite plastics or flexible cords constructed from Kevlar fiber. As material, density and weight can affect sound, you may have to experiment to find one that best suits your instrument.
Wolf-eliminators, peg compound, endpin rests and other small accessories for cello.  For the full listings, see the individual collections listed under cello in the main menu
Pirastro Chorda violin strings are traditional unwound sheep gut core strings. With their warm genuine gut sound, low string tension, and easy left hand playing, they are most suitable for baroque instruments.
Limited supply violin, viola, cello & bass strings--discontinued & overstock items; final sale.
New Corelli Solea Violin Strings from Savarez. The E string is made from a slightly more flexible steel with high grade of carbon content. The wound A, D and G strings are made of new materials: a combination of very new innovative metals. The double layers of innovative raw materials surround a synthetic multifilament core whose elasticity and density have been designed to give a rich and bright sound rendering.

D'Addario's newest strings for advancing players!  Ascente Violin Strings deliver high performance at a reasonable price. Made in the USA

  • Excellent pitch stability
  • Superior durability
  • Synthetic core produces smooth sound & advanced tonal range to take students to the next level
  • Available in 4/4, 3/4 & 1/2 sizes
Dogal is a family operated company in Venice, Italy that has been producing handmade strings for three generations. Based on their "synthetic gut" core, Dogal viola strings produce a rich gut-like sound with the power and stability of modern synthetic core strings

Dogal Strings has been producing handmade strings in Venice, Italy for three generations. With a sweet and gut-like powerful sound, these modern synthetic core strings are ideal for both modern and Baroque players.


NEW Thomastik Dominant PRO Violin Strings-exceptionally powerful synthetic core strings with a good balance of brilliance and warmth and a broad range of sound colors. Great for soloists, chamber players and orchestral musicians.
New Dynamo Violin Strings from Thomastik. With a wide dynamic range and complex sound colors, they work well on most old & new instruments.
Pirastro Eudoxa violin strings are traditional sheep gut core strings. Wound and polished by hand, they are manufactured to exacting standards in Germany

Evah Pirazzi Bass Strings have a new synthetic multi-filament fiber core wound with chrome steel. These "all around" strings provide excellent response in both arco and pizzicato. 

Compared to the medium orchestra set, the sound of the weich is brighter and growlier with a bit more sustain. With reduced string tension, the playability is easier than with the standard set & great for playing lots of pizz.

Evah Pirazzi cello strings offer a colorful brilliant tone based on a round rich core sound. These steel strings tune quickly and have excellent responsiveness.

Evah Pirazzi Gold Cello Strings provide an elegantly clear and full sound with rich overtones. the strings play in quickly and are exceptionally responsive

Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola Strings

Synthetic Core set: provide a brilliant, golden sound, a gorgeous spectrum of tonal colors, great projection and wide dynamic range along with a very quick break-in time-- even shorter than Evah Pirazzi & Obligato strings

Evah Pirazzi Gold Steel Core viola set alternative offers a tremendously brilliant direct sound with absolutely no metallic harshness

With the warmth of Obligato strings and the projection and responsiveness of Evah Pirazzi strings, Evah Pirazzi Gold violin strings provide a brilliant, golden tone and a wide range of tonal colors

Designed for Slap Bass and Rockabilly players, the Evah Pirazzi Slap set features a unique blend of modern and traditional core materials. The sound is dark and rich with great projection which as also great for old-school pizzicato and baroque arco style playing.

Evah Pirazzi strings are one of the most popular synthetic core options for violists. With their brilliant complex sound, powerful projection, and easy playability, they are well suited to a wide range of musical styles.

Evah Pirazzi violin strings are among the most popular violin strings at Concord. Favored by soloists as well as orchestral and chamber players for their warmth, clarity and power, these advanced synthetic core Pirastro strings are unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity.
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New products from D'addario Bowed Strings. Additonal strings, including Helicore, Zyex, Kaplan, Amo, Vivo, Pro-Arte and Prelude can be found using the main menu or the search box.

Flexocor Deluxe Cello Strings- Inspiring Ease and Comfort

The set provides a very deep and warm tone combined with a robust sound volume.

Gewa cello cases are known for their excellent craftsmanship and sleek design. Product lines include Gewa Air Cases featuring thermoplastic shells with excellent insulation properties and Gewa Idea Carbon fiber Cases offering the lightest weight with superior impact protection.
GEWA Cases replacement parts
Originally founded in 1925 as a case and bag manufacturer, GEWA music
GmbH is now known for a wide range of products. Many case innovations were developed & patented by GEWA, including swivel bow holders, GEWA neck support,
the JAEGER case shape and Air suspension system.

Premium Goetz String Adjusters for violin E-strings with loop ends.


  • For Violins E-Strings with Loop-End
  • Large screw-head (0.31 inch) for maximum tuning accuracy
  • Precision screw thread for optimal tuning stability
  • Straight prong design for frequency stability
  • Adjuster is suited on 1/4-4/4 Violins
  • 100% Made in Germany

Optima Goldbrokat Violin E strings are consistently a top choice for professionals. Choose from original Goldbrokat E's or the new Premium Steel, Brassed, and 24 Carat Gold E strings. Favored for their versatility, projection and consistency, all Goldbrokat E's work well with gut, synthetic core or steel core strings. Formerly know as Lenzner Goldbrokat, they are currently manufactured by Optima Goldbrokat in Germany. .26 gauge is considered medium gauge

Goldbrokat Violin E tensions:

  • .25 mm     6.8 kp
  • .26 mm     7.4 kp
  • .27 mm     8.0 kp
  • .28 mm     8.6 kp


D'Addario Helicore cello strings supply a warm, clear sound and quick bow response. These durable multi-stranded steel core strings are suitable for all musical styles. Made in the USA



D'Addario Helicore Octave Violin Strings play one octave below traditional violin tuning, which opens the door to a wide range of tonal and stylistic possibilities.Manufactured in the USA using the same stranded steel core technology as the popular original Helicore violin strings to provide ideal playability and a clear, warm tone.


The new Larsen Strings Il Cannone Cello Strings are offered in two variants, Direct & Focused and Warm & Broad; all eight strings are mutually compatible and fully interchangeable. By design. Il Cannone for cello gives you a toolbox of options to choose from to optimise your individual sound.
Larsen Il Cannone Gold strings for violin: created with high-grade gold for the soloist violinist looking for unique power and durability.
Infeld Blue advanced synthetic core strings produce a powerful brilliant sound. Designed with the exact tensions as Infeld Red strings to allow you to easily combine strings from both labels to create a custom set.
Powerful and warm, Thomastik Infeld Red violin strings are especially suited to bright sounding instruments. These synthetic core strings can be combined with Infeld Blue violin strings to create the perfect string setup for your fiddle.
Jargar bass strings are available in three tensions: Forte, Medium and Dolce. The Dolce strings can be tuned for solo playing while the Forte and Medium strings only can be used for orchestra tuning.
Jargar Cello strings are popular with cellists, especially the A & D strings. With warmth and brilliance that suit many instruments, Jargar offers 3 versions: Classic remains a favorite, while the Jargar Special & Jargar Superior strings have quickly been gaining fans in cellists seeking even more power & depth; available in 3 tensions: Medium, Forte and Dolce.  Jargar Young Talent strings are perfect for students cellists, and the new Evoke cello strings will suit aspiring students and professional with elegant projection and easy playability.
New Jargar Superior Viola Strings were designed to offer the power, projection & warm colors of gut strings, with the quick response and stability of synthetic core strings
Jargar Superior violin strings are an exciting new synthetic core option for violinists seeking a powerful, warm, nuanced sound with excellent projection while offering a quick bow response from pianissimo to forte
Jargar Viola Strings are made with a very flexible steel core and produce a big, powerful, distinct and well-balanced tone. The viola A string is especially popular, and can be combined with many other brands of steel core, synthetic core or gut core strings. 
Jargar Violin strings are made in Copenhagen Sweden with the highest quality materials. From the Jargar Classic line with flexible steel core to the new Jargar Superior synthetic core set, violinists can find a distinguished sound for any type of music
Jargar Young Talent cello strings are a great option for small size cellos. With a warm, brilliant & powerful tone and good response, they will please beginning students as well as  talented advancing cellists.
Kaplan Amo viola strings provide warmth and richness for brighter instruments. These synthetic core strings offer a rich tonal color palette and quick bow response. Made in the USA

Kaplan Forza viola strings are designed for the professional violist. These steel core strings offer a rich tonal palette, superb clarity and focus, as well as an excellent bow response Made in the USA

Kaplan violin E strings provide the traditional rich sound expected from high-quality steel E strings. Multiple options available for a wide array of performance needs, including plain steel, aluminum wound on solid steel core, and gold plated. Also available is a unique non-whistling violin E string, aluminum on stranded steel core.

Kaplan Vivo viola strings supply brilliance, clarity, and an energetic sound quality that often suits darker instruments. These synthetic core strings provide a quick bow response and have a short play-in time. Made in the USA


Warchal Karneol Violin Strings produce a warm and balanced sound, and have easy feeling under the fingers. These synthetic core strings typically take a few days to achieve tuning stability and optimum tone quality.
Kolstein Violin Rosin " Formulation Supreme" is low powdering, with a sure & even grip for smooth tonal qualities. Made in the USA

Larsen Cello Strings are among the most popular strings for cellists, offered in several versions, including Original Larsen, Larsen Soloist, Magnacore and Arioso. For a graphic showing tonal qualities:   Larsen sound chart

New Larsen Il Cannone Violin Strings are available Medium & Soloist

Inspired by the "Il Cannone" Guarnerius violin and the virtuoso Niccolò Paganini, these new synthetic core strings are powerful, clear and highly colorful with complex harmonics.The response is fast and easy, especially in spicatto. 

The Medium Il Cannone set has a more moderate tension with an open, colorful, projecting, rich and powerful sound, while the Soloist version brings a fuller tone, with even more presence and focus.

The New Il Cannone Violin Direct Focused in Medium & Soloist editions are aimed at  professionals and soloists as well as aspiring student and amateur violinists seeking a silvery and lustrous clarity of sound. Larsen developed an entirely new synthetic core as well as a new winding process to further enriched the colours of this unique new formulation 

Larsen Original violin strings deliver a warm yet direct and unhesitating feel with rapidly achieved tuning stability and consistency of sound. Original, reliable, robust projection, ideal for the brighter to neutral sounding instrument in need of some complementary warmth.
Tzigane strings have a rich, warm tone while providing great projection and focus; a good option for brighter-sounding instruments; made in Denmark
Larsen Original and Virtuoso Strings

Larsen Violin Strings

Larsen Original, Virtuoso, Tzigane, Aurora, Il Cannone Medium & Soloist, and Direct & Focused 

Larsen Violin Strings Sound Map

Larsen Virtuoso Viola strings are new synthetic core D, G and C strings designed to work beautifully with the Original Larsen A. Available in two versions:  Medium, which offers a rich sound texture, and Soloist which presents a more focused sound with greater volume.  Larsen Virtuoso Viola Information Sheet

Larsen Virtuoso Violin strings are based on a multi-stranded synthetic core. Although their overall tension is moderate, they are capable of delivering a richly shaded sound with excellent volume

Offered in  medium and strong tensions, both a bit lower than traditional equivalent gauges. The medium tension strings provide exceptional string response, playability and sound modulation capability. The strong version is more "soloistic" and focused, with greater bow resistance. Virtuoso strings tend to suit warm to neutral sounding instruments. 

Leatherwood Rosin for violin, viola, cello & bass; available in Supple and Crisp; crafted in Australia using the finest resins and timber casings.

Bring a bit of sparkle and fun to your instrument with Luxitune handmade accessories for Violin, Viola and Cello! These jeweled pieces are designed and handmade in New York City using high quality materials: genuine Swarovski crystals, 14k gold,  rhodium,and high-quality German fine tuners.

Magic Rosin was developed by professional cellist & teacher Sarah West. Created from a recipe using only purified pine resins with no other ingredients, Magic rosin provides a perfect blend of bow resistance and grip while maintaining a clear and complex tone.

Choose from 2 formulas:

  • 3G: suitable for all strings, but favored by violinists and violists
  • Ultra: popular with cellists, as it provides even more grip than the 3G, but can be used by any string player desiring more "pop"


Created by a cellist using fine Greek pine tree resin, high quality Melos Rosin is available in several formulations  Suggested use, below, but certainly select based on your playing style & preference, as dark can be used during the summer, etc:

Light-: perfect for warm climates, smooth playing for solo & chamber music

Dark: great for lower temperatures, for full sound orchestral and solo playing

Sticky-: softer rosin for stronger grip



Crafted in Greece using high quality pine tree resin, Melos Rosin for Violin is offered in several formulations to suit playing style as well as climate conditions

The maker of Arcus bows has created Müsing bows to offer string players a range of affordable quality carbon fiber sticks that sound & resonate like fine Pernambuco yet have the resilience and strength to handle modern strings.

  • Model C4 Professional can compete with fine old bows, even when playing solo in a large hall
  • Model C3 Amateur gives an instant response & clear colorful sound 
  • Model C2 Student is an ideal first bow; it offers a sound that is more powerful and richer than many other synthetic and carbon bows
Nefrit Violin Strings are ideal for violins that require more bow pressure as well as electric instruments. The E and A strings are metal core, while the D & G are based on Warchal's synthetic core.
Featuring new Products & items back in production
Obligato cello strings are new generation synthetic core strings that offer the stability and power of modern materials along with the brilliant & nuanced sound associated with gut core strings. The A string is chrome steel wound on steel core.
Obligato violin strings sound warm & full with rich brilliant overtones. Their tonal qualities make them a good choice for very bright sounding instruments. Obligato strings have lower string tension than Evah Pirazzi strings..

Passione A & D strings have a solid steel core wound with chrome steel; the sound is warm and round with excellent clarity

Passione Cello G & C strings are gut core strings would with chrome (G) and tungsten (C) and provide a brilliance, power and a quick bow response

Pirastro Passione strings settle in much quicker than classic gut strings, and provide a warm core sound with brilliance and nuance. While capable of great power and projection, the strings respond easily, and maintain clarity throughout the entire dynamic range
Pedi Violin Shoulder Rests are extremely lightweight, and offer sleek modern design using carbon fiber construction and titanium hardware. Multi-layer padding offers both comfort and stability 
These formulas can be used sparingly for "sticking" or slipping violin, viola or cello pegs
Perpetual Cadenza G- and C-strings inspire the player with a lighter response without a compromise in volume and projection. The tone is pure and clear with brilliance, depth, and power which opens up many possibilities to create new sound colors for the discerning cellist.

Perpetual are Pirastro's most powerful cello strings--great options for cellists seeking a clear warm sound with rich projection, immediate bow response, and fast play-in time. 

  • Perpetual Soloist: additional power & dynamic range
  • Perpetual Edition: The most power-packed strings, with every tonal color from a focused bright sound to a room filling warmth 
  • Perpetual Stark G & C strings: higher tension for even more power and projection
  • Perpetual Cadenza G & C strings: for instruments that open up with lighter tension
Perpetual Soloist is designed for the cellist who desires additional radiance, volume and presence. Using the same A&D strings as the medium set the Soloist G&C strings provide the player with the ideal combination of brilliant fundamentals and soloist directness.
Within Pirastro's range of viola strings, Perpetual provides the largest sound volume and carrying power combined with a precisely focused sound projection. The clarity of its sound does not diminish the abundance of colors Perpetual offers. Its vibrant tone attack and optimal string response seamlessly complement Perpetual's sound qualities from fortissimo to the most sensitive whisper.

Perpetual Violin Strings: Pirastro's newest synthetic core strings promise great volume, carrying power and projection while maintaining a beautiful and colorful Pirastro sound. Players will love the optimal string response and left hand feeling.

Options include an alternate steel core A string in the Russian style as well as a heavy gauge .267mm E string.  


Thomastik Peter Infeld violin strings deliver a rich warm sound, superb bow response, and powerful projection. Choose Set PI100 with Platinum E or Set PI101 withTin-plated E; a gold-plated E is available as well

We carry a full line of Pirastro cello strings including  Eudoxa, Evah Pirazzi, Evah Pirazzi Gold, Oliv, Passione, Permanent & Perpetual, and offer a variety of gauges.

Thanks for shopping our viola string set promotion! Don't forget to enter code SPEC15 at checkout to get the discount!

Pirastro is the only manufacturer to offer violists strings in all three core materials. Whether you choose Eudoxa gut, Evah Pirazzi synthetic or Permanent steel core strings, you know that you've selected high quality strings from one of the most respected stringmakers


Pirastro is the only major stringmaker to offer strings based on all 3 core materials. From Eudoxa gut core to Evah Pirazzi synthetic core and Chromcor steel core, Pirastro manufactures high quality strings to suit professional, amateur and student violinists alike.
Prim is the only manufacturer of strings designed especially for the uniquely Swedish instrument Nyckelharpa.

Prim violin strings have been a popular with fiddlers for many years, but work well for any violinist seeking bright sounding steel strings with a quick bow response. Made in Sweden


D'Addario Pro-Arte Violin strings are stable synthetic core strings with a warm, mellow tone and a low string tension that allows for an easy bow response and playability. Made in the USA by D'Addario.
Thomastik Rondo for Cello: offering soloistic power and a sonorous deep sound
Thomastik Rondo Viola Strings: synthetic core strings for the professional offering a wide dynamic range in sound and volume
Thomastik Rondo for Violin: synthetic core strings offering soloistic power with a great balance of warmth and brilliance
From the original recipe created by bowmaker William Salchow, this popular rosin works well for violin, viola & cello 

Strings for small size cellos are available from  Pirastro, Thomastik, D'Addario, Larsen &Super-Sensitive.

Viola Strings offered in fractional sizes . Please note that the measurements indicated body length

Concord Musical Supplies offers low prices on popular cello strings. Find custom combination cello sets of Larsen, Pirastro, Thomastik, Jargar & D'Addario strings in this collection. Looking for single strings--find them through our main menu located on the top of every page.

Strings for ZMT Tailpieces

Elongated strings designed specifically to fit ZMT and compensated tailpieces that require a longer after-length

Tailpieces and related accessories for violin, viola & cello
Thomastik offers many popular cello strings: Spirocore chrome, Spirocore tungsten, Belcanto, Belcanto Gold, Versum, Spirit & Superflexible. There is something to please every cellist

Thomastik has a long tradition of manufacturing quality violin strings since its founding in Vienna nearly 100 years ago. Popular labels include Dominant, Peter Infeld Pi, Spirocore. Vision Solo & Titanium.


Recognized by artists for their all-around top-quality,  Thomastik Ti Violin strings work with many different instruments and playing styles but are particularly well-suited for chamber and orchestra musicians
Thomastik's new Versum Cello Strings suit a wide range of playing styles.  The set delivers a wonderful balance with clarity & brilliance on top and a warm projecting lower register
Designed for power, ideal response and optimal projection, the new Versum Solo cello strings offer a myriad of possibilities of combining color, sound and texture.
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Peg compound, wolf-eliminators, polishing cloths and other small accessories for viola

Thanks for visiting our featured violin collection! For our full catalog, including violin strings. rosin, cases and accessories, use the menus located on the top of every page

Thanks for visiting our featured violin collection. For our full catalog, including violin strings. rosin, cases and accessories, use the menu bar located on the top of every page

Violin shoulder rests are available in a variety of shapes & materials. Student shoulder rests are most often fabricated from sturdy plastic bases, while professional rests may be made from lightweight composites, tone-woods, or carbon fiber materials, with designs to minimize damping. Most rests fall into the following categories:

  • Bar type: Kun, MachOne, Viva la Musica, Everest, Pedi, KorkerRest, Wolf Rests, BonMusica, Resonans
  • Sponge type: ArcRest, Acoustagrip, PSR, Artino Magic pad
Violin Tailpieces and Tailguts
VLM-Augustin Viva la Musica Violin Shoulder rests offer superb comfort while pleasing the eye with beautiful materials and fittings
Thomastik Vision Solo Violin Strings use an advanced synthetic core to deliver superior sound & performance.The tone is warm, clear & focused with robust projection.

Thomastik Vision Titanium Strings are advanced synthetic core strings available in both Solo and Orchestra versions:

Titanium Solo provide the perfect blend of warmth and brilliance with clarity and focus; their extremely smooth surface facilitates left hand technique

Titanium Orchestra strings are an excellent alternative to gut, and are well-suited to orchestral and chamber music

Vision Violin Strings

Wound on Thomastik's advanced synthetic core, Vision violin strings provide a focused, clear, open brilliant tone and can be combined with many other synthetic strings

The Warchal Amber viola strings were created to achieve the sound quality of fine gut strings, with the tuning stability of modern materials. The set features W-Core®, Warchal's new synthetic core, which has proven successful in Warchal's Amber line of violin strings.
Warchal Brilliant Violin Strings are superb soloist strings, providing a rich complex sound, excellent projection and responsiveness. Options include silver or hydronalium wound D strings as well as the Brilliant Vintage version created especially for antique violins
Utilizing the expertise of two generations of professional stringplayers, Warchal strings are designed and handmade in Slovakia. Several lines are available for cellists: Warchal Amber for gut-like warmth & power; Warchal Brilliant for brilliance with rich overtones, and the Prototype A String, a metal core A string which can be used with synthetic, gut or metal  lower strings.