Perpetual Violin Set

$ 137.58 $ 122.35


Perpetual Violin Set

$ 137.58 $ 122.35

Pirastro Perpetual Violin Set offers great sound volume and focused projection while maintaining the unique and colorful Pirastro sound. 

Set options:

  • Standard Set 41A021 includes synthetic core A-,D-,G-strings & 0.26 mm E-string (removable ball end).
  • Alternate Set 41A091 includes A-steel, synthetic core D-,G- strings & .267mm E-string. The voluminous sound of the E.267 matches perfectly with the Steel/Chrome Steel A string (both steel A & E string have removable ball endings).

Perpetual violin strings offer:

  • excellent playability
  • vast tone volume
  • clearly focused sound projection
  • optimal string response through all dynamics
  • Alternate Perpetual steel core A with chrome winding is available
  • Heavy gauge E .267mm also available--see individual strings listings
  • Recommended rosin: Pirastro Oliv-Evah rosin

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Leonid K.

    Well , it is not for my violin . Passione works better for me.

    Ari I.

    I love the thicker e string, it's gentle on the fingers and sounds more mellow and full in the upper register

    Excellent strings

    I got the alternate set, these are quite high quality strings, nice overtones and beautiful smooth sound that's definitely more mellow but still incredibly ringing and vibrant. Their playability is a little strange; they gain a slight grittiness (not crunchy, just an off vibration) in the initial stroke response as they get older, but its not really that noticeable. The platinum e is also quite superb, although again the response might not be quite as good as it gets used, however it is better in comparison to many other strings. Highly recommend.

    Hardy K.
    Perpetual - great complex sound

    I played the Evah Pirazzi for over 30 years and switched then to the Gold strings. I liked the Gold little better than the Evahs for a while but found that these strings are lacking two things: wide range of dynamic and complexity in sound. They were a little too plane for my taste. So I gave the perpetuals a try: I loved the complexity in sound right away but was really impressed by the great range of dynamics. Playing in ppp the sound still is focused, clear and very pleasant, playing ff the sound is big and still does not lose it's complexity. For me these are the best strings yet. I did not try the E-string but use still the gold E from Evah Pirazzi. Since I am so pleased with the Gold-E I did not want to spend the money trying the perpetual E. May be some day. In my opinion you would need a fine violin to fully appreciate the perpetuals.

    Lev R.
    Good strings

    I'm highly recommend Perpetual. It's good sounding and tuning strings!!