Pirastro Perpetual Cello Strings | Perpetual Soloist Cello Strings


Perpetual cello strings are the most powerful of Pirastro's cello string line & we've been hearing rave reviews from our customers! Perpetual strings are a great option for cellists seeking a clear warm sound with robust projection. Want additional power and dynamic possibilities? Then check out Perpetual Soloist G and C strings--when combined with the medium A and D, the sound gains radiance, brilliance, volume and presence. Bonus: Perpetual cello strings have a fast play-in time! 

New Thomastik Versum cello strings

Great new strings for cellists

Thomastik Versum cello strings have been impressing cellists ever since they were introduced in late 2015.  If you are still searching for your perfect setup, you might want to consider giving the entire set a try, as customers have been describing the strings as very well-matched, with pure and bright sounding A & D  and rich warm, powerful lower strings.  More here: Versum Cello Strings