Discontinued Strings-Pirastro

The following strings have been discontinued:

  • Aricore Viola Strings
  • Aricore Cello Strings
  • Chromcor Bass Strings
  • Eudoxa-Aricore Viola A Strings
  • Gold (formerly known as Gold-Label) gut Viola Strings
  • Obligato Stark & Weich gauge violin strings
  • Synoxa Viola Strings
  • Synoxa Cello Strings
  • Tonica Stark & Weich gauge violin strings
While some stock remains, the strings are quickly being acquired by longtime fans--please inquire for availability!

    Pirastro Perpetual Cello Strings | Perpetual Soloist Cello Strings


    Perpetual cello strings are the most powerful of Pirastro's cello string line & we've been hearing rave reviews from our customers! Perpetual strings are a great option for cellists seeking a clear warm sound with robust projection. Want additional power and dynamic possibilities? Then check out Perpetual Soloist G and C strings--when combined with the medium A and D, the sound gains radiance, brilliance, volume and presence. Bonus: Perpetual cello strings have a fast play-in time!