Oliv Cello C String

$ 111.36 $ 97.65


Oliv Cello C String

$ 111.36 $ 97.65

Pirastro Oliv Cello C String* Silver wound/gut core

  • The sheep gut core of the Oliv strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand
  • Unique, typical brilliant, warm and complex gut sound
  • Big tonal volume
  • Altering the gauge by 1/2 PM changes the tension by 4%.
  • Easy response
  • Tied gut knot ending
*please note that your cello may need to be adjusted for gut strings if steel strings have been previously installed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jason C.
    The best C-string!

    As a longtime player of gut, I can say with confidence that the Oliv C is the best such string on the market. It's stiff enough to be played in modern repertoire, pliable enough to be easy to play, and stable enough in pitch to be great in any situation. Enjoy!

    Michael W.
    In gut we trust!

    After years of experimenting, and I mean REALLY trying everything, I am fully committed to Pirastro and their gut strings. Oliv cello strings, and in my case, the stark/thickest gauge, do absolute wonders for my cello. I pair the thick C, G, and D with the Perpetual Solo Strong A or Passione Strong A. If you find yourself in the market for new strings and have a luthier close by for any transition adjustments needed (grooves of nut or bridge), give them a try. Give them a REAL TRY, like at least a couple of weeks. You may hate them, or, like me, they may change your life forever, spoiling you with a new type of sound that just isn't possible with an all steel string setup.

    Joshua T.
    Wonderful string

    It took about 2-3 days to stabilize, but the string has a nice, full, and warm sound. Can be troublesome to tune at time but I think it's worth for the sound. Shipping took a little longer than estimated but no worries there.

    Emmanuel L.
    Warm and powerful

    I've been using Oliv strings for eight years and I love them! The C string in particular, has wonderful resonance and strong warm qualities. If you haven't played it before you have to get used to it as it is a thick string. If you and your cello like it, stay with it. Personally, I can never go back to steel again. I love gut strings!

    David S.

    Excellent with Eudoxa A, D and G