Versum Cello D String

$ 60.80 $ 54.70


Versum Cello D String

$ 60.80 $ 54.70

Multi-alloy wound/steel core: Item: VE42

Versum strings are a new addiition to Thomastik's premium line of cello strings; the upper strings supply a sweet, colorful focused sound and a quick response

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful strings!

This is my third set, now all my cellos wear Versum! They are so smooth and rich on mine, I find that even the edgy 2013 cello is made calmer and richer. Concord has the best prices for strings hands down. The Versums are still expensive, but they last a long time and I think they would enhance ANY cello, and help bring out the best qualities. And they are easy to play on, too.

Carole O.
Third Set - Great Strings!

I'm on my third set of the Versum strings. They respond easily and produce a clear and focused sound. Sometimes I find the G & C to be a bit metallic sounding, but I believe it is more noticeable when the season changes (I live in a four-season area).
Julie, at Concord, is the best! She's knowledgeable and patient.

Laura B.
Round and comfy

These strings are a big change, but very good on my cello. The upper register is less edgy, and that has inspired me to feel less shy "up high". Since I've changed my strings, I've received many compliments, performing in churches, and also in very dry acoustics. The D string is more lively than my Larsen was, and the G and C work well, they seem comparable to my previous Spirocore Tungsten mediums. I do feel the need to compensate for a somewhat delayed response of the A, I need to really put a front on each note to get it to sound vibrant immediately, but that seems good, and I think it's the trade off for the warmth and roundness of the A in the upper register, which I'm really loving. Highly recommend!

Versum cello strings- complete set

Great service and price from Concord! I decided to try these strings hoping blindly that they would be warmer than the Tungsten Spiracore I had on the bottom strings. I had been using Larson on top. I had been quite happy with that old combination when my instrument was in good adjustment, but with the colder, dryer Autumn air the "A" especially was sounding too open (in a harsh sense) and the lower strings had a coarseness I didn't like. So, Versum! I do like them! They feel smooth, flexible, and a good bit rounder and warmer than my old set. I think they still have core and enough power but they may have a little less volume than my other set...or is it just that they have a more beautiful, less textured sound?

Benjamin K.
My second set of Versum

An excellent set shipped quickly at the lowest available price. These strings have the best combination of tonal warmth and projection I've found for my cello.