Viola Set: Larsen & Evah Gold

$ 170.55 $ 148.90


Viola Set: Larsen & Evah Gold

$ 170.55 $ 148.90

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Special value! Larsen A with Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola D, G & C

Try Pirastro's newest synthetic core D,G & C with the very popular Larsen A string! Full bodied sound with great projection & excellent bow response

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Eddie P.
Beautiful sound!

I have a hand made 16&1/2" Viola by Paul Schuback in 1985, it is a fabulous sounding instrument, I've tried different strings on this instrument and they all sound good, even Dominants work fine, my last set was Evahs, I thought I'd spend a few extra bucks and go for the Evah Golds, they are the best strings for this instrument, very clear, focused, evenly balanced with the Larsen A, I couldn't be more happy, I can't stop playing my Viola, the sound is beautiful!

Peter N.
first time Evah Gold + Larsen A

I have enjoyed the warm, projecting sound of the Evah Pirazzi Gold strings on my viola for some time. They seem more stable and long-lived than the "regular" Evah Pirazzi strings, and they share some positive tonal characteristics which the Passione strings displayed on my instrument (unfortunately the Passione strings were not suitable to changing climates). I had used the Larsen A before during a previous period of string experimentation, and I find that it blends well with the Golds so far. The viola is due for a check-up/adjustment, it will be interesting to see what the maximum effect of this combination will be.

Tim S.
Nice but not crazy about the A string

Evah Gold strings are my favorite for violin, so I thought I would try them on my viola as well. They came with a different A string; the C, G and D were great, but I did not like the A at all. Obligato seems be the best for my particular viola, but every instrument is different.


I bought the regular Evah Pirazzi strings last year for my new viola hoping it would broaden my tone and sound. (It did). When I was in need for a new set I knew I could count on the Pirazzi series so I took the risk of buying the gold set. The C,G, and D strings have a more softer sound than the regular Pirazzi's but it did not prevent my viola from singing. While the normal Pirazzi's focus more on the bolder sound, the gold series focuses on soft, tender yet projectable sound. It makes me tear up every time I play with this set as it never fails to sing each note as I play. The Larsen A is a perfect combination with the Gold series as it doesn't whine as it gets higher. Rather, the A balances itself with the tender tone of the gold strings. The Larsen A can also reach very high ranges without losing its clarity! In addition to the great sound, the strings also have a great settling period as it only took the strings a day to settle! Yet another great product made by Pirastro! Highly recommend!!!!

Idalynn B.
So far, so good

I've had these strings on my older (130 yr old) 16 inch viola for about 10 days, and I'm very happy with them. Clear and quick response (compare to the Obbligato set I had been using). The sound is still warm, but with more center and "zing". Good projection for a smaller instrument. I will be very interested to see how they sound in about 6 weeks ( the usual life span for Obbligatos). The price for this set is very competitive.