Peter Infeld Violin Set PI100

$ 157.95 $ 138.90


Peter Infeld Violin Set PI100

$ 157.95 $ 138.90

The Peter Infeld violin set PI100 has a rich warm nuanced sound, powerful projection, superior bow response & easy left hand feeling. The Platinum E string has a brilliant and powerful sound.

Includes PI01PT, PI02, PI03A, PI04

Synthetic core violin string set from Thomastik Premium line; Item: PI100

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful strings!

I really like these strings! They "break in" quickly and you don't need to wait long. Great tone, warm sound and they respond quickly!

Wren C.
Peter Infeld PI100 set violin strings

My instrument is an 1820 Panormo. I have experimented with medium to heavy gut strings for about a year; with Pirastro Olives; with Passione; with Pirastro Gold, Evah Pirazzi, etc. In terms of heavy to lighter strings, I have always found the Evah Pirazzi too heavy. If you want to pound the instrument with concentrated force, as many soloists do these days, and never play softer than a MF, I guess they are good strings.

But of all these strings listed above, I have found the Peter Infeld strings to be the best combination of: quality of sound first and foremost, projection and power, overtones, and string ring. You can always find a violin or bow that does one or two things well, but to find the best compromise of many qualities desired... it is difficult. In terms of the most qualities I can find in one kind of string... Peter Infeld is it.

Herbert S.
Great service, impressive strings.

I noticed a big difference in sound when I put the new strings on. I have a Gusset violin made in 2011. Very satisfied.
Concord service is super fast.

Melissa L.
great sound, but squeaky Platinum E

I bought a full set of PI strings, with the Platinum E. The E was the first string to go on my daughter's violin. The sound is full and beautiful. However, it squeaks like crazy when she plays repeated string crossings, for example in the Bach E Major Prelude. Her teacher tried too; there's no way to play that piece without the squeaking on that string. We will take it off and try the steel E.

Lots of Color

I put these strings on my contemporary violin and the results were fantastic!
Concord was running a sale with PI rosins last year so I figured I give them a try - seems to pair nicely too, very smooth!
Like most Thomastiks, they sound metallic at first, but then settle in quick, about 1-2 hours so I'd recommend being patient with them
They're giving me a wider range of tone colors than other string I've worked with (Virtuoso, Evah/Evah Gold, Kaplan) with lots of nuance in dynamics and articulations.
I'm finding them very flexible for when I'm performing solo (powerful/projecting) or in chamber/orchestral setting (rich/balanced/blending).
Tough on the wallet, but a set has been lasting about 6 months playing 2-3 hours a day so I'm happy...money well spent!